Ok, so I only have one part of the set of the Red groupo — the brifters… but I’m leading off with that regardless.  :-P

Like I was saying yesterday I did a full group swap on the Specialized bike I have. It was going from a mostly Shimano 105 9-speed group to a mostly Sram Force 10-speed group. The only part on the old group that wasn’t 105 was the Ultegra rear derailleur.

So the build went great yesterday. I even got the bar tape on before I went to bed last night. You can tell that I got a bit better on the second side. heh.

The left bar (right in the picture) was better one… but it still wasn’t perfect. No worries though. (More on that later)

Ahh — glorious carbon.

In any case, here’s the completed bike:

It looks like a bike! All the parts fit together just the way they should. I even wound up using about half the tools in the tool kit I bought for the job. (Saved money over buying it piecemeal, so I got the other half free I guess) (Also, yes, I know you aren’t supposed to clamp a bike like that — it’s just resting on there balanced for the photo shoot.)

So, this morning after breakfast I took her out on the road for a shakedown.

Sure enough, it all worked great! Shifting is excellent, the drivetrain is quiet, brakes are top notch.

The one thing I need to do is adjust the lever position up a bit… maybe a quarter to half an inch would do it for me. Beyond that I’ll rewrap with new bar tape (the old one is ratty and torn) and we’re in business!

What I’m just about most proud of is the cables for some reason. I couldn’t use the old ones as a template so I was off on my own. I think I did a stand-up job of it. (look at the picture up top)

All in all, I think I have a win on my hands. Next up, rebuild the old Trek with the take-offs from this one. Then I’ll have the mud bike.  :-D

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