I know, I’m late to the game on podcasts. I haven’t had a long drive to work for eons and since then I’ve been in active meeting-y places where you can’t really chill with headphones on.

That changed right around January, 2011 — a little over a year ago. The building I worked in became empty and the five of us that were still at the old place had our own offices. It was quiet and I needed something to fill the void.

That’s when I started to listen to Savage Love — a podcast from Dan Savage.

Fast forward to a month or so ago when I got my indoor cycle and I suddenly had around 7-10 hours a week that I can’t really do a whole lot more than listen to stuff. Since then I’ve broadened my listening menu a bit.

I noticed an interesting thing about the podcasts and the regular participants in each.

Savage Love

  • Dan Savage – Male / Gay

Sex Is Fun

  • Laura Rad – Female / Straight
  • Gay Rick – Male / Gay
  • Coochie – Female / Straight

Having Sex, With Katie Morgan

  • Katie Morgan – Female / Straight
  • Cassie Young – Female / Bi (just left the show)
  • Jim – Male / Straight (very minor role)

Sex Nerd Sandra

  • Sandra Daugherty – Female / Straight
  • Dave Ross – Male / Straight (minor role)

(The women on the list seem to have some flexibility. (Research has also shown that women have a more fluid sexuality as well.))

There seems to be a woefully underrepresentation of dudes here. (Not that I’m going to start a podcast about sex myself, but it’s kinda-sorta odd I think.) I’m lacking a good theory about why this is.

I know that guys think about sex as much as girls — more if you think about the social stereotypes. Sex is a part of being human, so thinking and talking about it isn’t a problem.

There are more stereotypes that abound as well, in that the normal “straight guy” isn’t sensitive while gay guys and women (of any orientation) are.

I know for a fact that it’s not a 100% true thing. I’m a straight-identified male and I’m not squeamish about most things sexual — but I don’t put myself in the category of only looking to bang anything that moves. I’m very sex-positive. I consider myself a feminist, but at the same time I’m pro-porn. All the while I know I can have a conversation without immediately trying to cop a feel. (Yes, I’m laying all this out there… but none of this, honestly, is (or should be) shocking.)

Does anyone have any ideas about this?