I was reading this month’s issue of Field & Stream and was shocked at an article. Shocked because someone wasn’t toeing the line.

The conventional wisdom is that folks that hunt and fish are died-in-the-wool conservative republicans. The gun-totin’ bubbas that want nothing more than to get Obama out of the Whitehouse because that’s what Rush tells ’em to.

The article “Sportsman’s Storm / Fish-and-game protections are in the path of a killer Congress” isn’t that.

It’s pointing out that the bills that are trying to get pushed through Congress are purely to serve the interests of the big money industries that want nothing more than to rape and pillage the country of its resources. When I see a quote like “even President Obama backed away from important deadlines on air pollution regulations.” The constant parroting that the environment and conservation is “killing jobs” is predicated on the fact that the only way to have jobs involves destroying the environment.

The Republican party has been so completely permeated by faith-based idiots that they think simply believing science doesn’t exist makes it go away. Imagine being back in the early 80’s when you still had leaded gas. In today’s thinking you would say that lead doesn’t cause any problems — besides, the tetraethyl lead additives are being made by an industry that supports thousands of jobs and you can’t have all those jobs go away.

This might be the closest I ever get to the gun-loving magazines to lay into the right-wing whackos I’ll ever get. Heh.

When conservation and conservatism clash. (Ok, it’s not conservative in the old-school way. It’s more religious, anti-science, lock women up, give tax breaks to your friends than the traditional conservative… but it makes for a good line.)