Ever since I got the indoor cycle I’ve been working out near religiously. I think I’ve had two or three days in past month that I’ve not had any real activity. Those were also somewhat planned days anyway as rest days to let me recover a bit.

So I’m getting in shape.


There’s the stupid medical answers. Well, they’re not that stupid, but few people lose weight and exercise just because their doctor tells them to. It’s the good intention type of bull that never seems to work.

You need real and personal reasons to motivate any long-term endeavor.

Here are mine:

  • Dakar
  • Sex
  • Pants

Dakar: Long term. From looking at people riding around on motorcycles you would think that the bike does the work. Watching the race l know that’s not the case. These guys seem to be running a marathon every day. I need to be in what I would consider amazing shape to ever think about finishing. This works in two dimensions as well: fitness and resolve. Fitness to make it to the end and resolve to get to the next day and do it all over again when every bone and muscle wants you to stop.

Sex: Yes, call me vain, but I want to look good naked. You might not want to see me in my birthday suit, but for those that do I want to make a good impression. :-P Besides… aerobic conditioning is good for the heart.

Pants: I got my square pants — 34 x 34 and I’ll be damned if I don’t fit in them. They were getting tight. I wasn’t going to go up a size so there was only one other option left.

All three are important enough for me to continue. As a trifecta of important stuff I’m motivated to keep on it.

Regarding Dakar though… even though it’s a long way off… my goal this summer is to do two weekends with a century ride each weekend. Even better if I can do it back to back. That is the gating condition for me to give myself permission to buy a dirt bike.