This is the group that protests soldiers’ funerals as well.

Word went out that these hating fucktards were going to picket the funerals of the three children who were killed earlier in the week.

An interesting thing happened while we were all there in the cold waiting for the attack that never came (more on this later).

Standing side-by-side were students, bikers, GLBT, and people of all colors, backgrounds and walks of life. We even saw a couple that appeared to be neo-Nazis. The unifying force of standing up against hate brings out the best in all of us.

We went because Mr. Parmertor was the cousin of one of En’s co-workers. He didn’t do anything to deserve his fate. His family didn’t ask for the media circus or picketers. We went to shield the family from the hate that was scheduled to happen.

Thankfully they never showed up. Word on the street is that their bus was spotted at a Mentor hotel and they were blocked in by a few enterprising individuals. The police turned a blind eye to the minor parking violation infraction the account I heard. I do have first-hand accounts from the local police that WBC did obtain permits for the protest.

Speaking of the police, there was a massive response from the local Chardon PD with backup from neighboring communities as far away as Mayfield Height along with further support from the state highway patrol. Even the Geauga County SWAT truck was in play.

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