I played the role of Rocky last night for the first time in perhaps 6 or 7 years. The last time I had butterflies as I was getting ready to get on stage was well before that… I don’t even remember. Maybe the time I played Frank sometime in the 90’s?

I did a bit of rehearsal and such beforehand but that didn’t stop it. Laying on my back in the wraps looking up at the screen was terrifying for some reason.

My guess: the few hundred times (300? 400? ??) I played the part were so firmly etched in my memory that it’s impossible to get out.

It went well.

This was in honor of Kevin’s 25 years of doing the show. I was there for much of that. I hung up the corset after around 20 years myself. He’s a good friend and I consider it an honor that he asked me to guest perform. Selfishly, I did want one last shot at Rocky. :-)

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