My bike needs a new battery. I thought I’d be all cool and get a higher capacity one that was recommended by some forums: the Odyssey PC-535.

I needed to fabricate a new strap since the OEM one would’ve been too small.

$5.00 of materials.

I needed to re-route cables. I fucked up my Leatherman in the process.

$110.00 to replace.

Then when it came to hooking it up the screws on the terminals were a bit short.

I wound up stripping the threads. $150 battery is toast. There’s not enough thread to even get the bike’s main lead connected up.

At this point I still don’t have a working battery. I started the bike once.

At least I didn’t bugger up the original strap.

I’m almost $300 in on this experiment. What a failure.

I broke some CDs I had lying around to vent my frustration.


Tomorrow, I’ll buy the specified battery and call it a day.

Lesson to be learned: Don’t force things. I knew that already, but I guess the universe wanted me to really learn.

Total for new battery once I get it in: $400.  :-(