The day has finally come. Bill finally succumbed to his long and arduous fight with cancer today.

Let me take a step back. Bill is En’s uncle; her mom’s brother.

He served in the military during Vietnam. He was in an engineering corp building bridges and other various infrastructure. He flew planes in Alaska for fun while in the service. He had all sorts of stories about running around on a Honda 50 all over creation.

I’ve known him for around 15 years or so. Just a bit less than I’ve known En. He’s always been a bit kooky, but genuine. In fact he’s probably one of the most genuine people I’ve known. That counts for a lot.

He was very religious. You know how I feel about religion. But while he was religious, he didn’t use that to beat people over the head. I appreciated that.

He knew it was his time. He knew a few years ago. What did he do? He went on a trip. The same year we were headed up to Alaska he was up there too. We kept on looking for a broken down white minivan just in case we found him. Thankfully he never had a breakdown on the trip.

He had some issues along the way. The world never worked the way he thought it should. That caused some friction in dealing with things at times. But he managed none-the-less.

At first him and I got along with all the good nature of oil and water. Over time I think we managed an emulsion of sorts; both of us softened.

You’ll be missed.