En and I took one of our new guns to the range tonight. When I say one of, I’m talking about #00274, while #00275 stayed home in the safe. Why? Just in case I didn’t like it I would have another instance in un-fired condition to sell.

I have to say one thing: they are not for sale.

We put 50 rounds through it and we didn’t have any failures in the firing sequence. We used some cheap-ish Fiochi 124gr. truncated-flat-point rounds to test things out. I’m always hesitant to put home-built ammo through a new gun in case there’s some warrantee issue we have to deal with.

The two mini issues we did was was En racking the slide to chamber the first round of two magazines. I think she was either riding the slide forward or didn’t pull far enough back and that caused the round the wedge itself between the barrel, tongs and breech-face. Of course that would have alost no ramification in a self-defense scenario since you’d deal with that problem at home. (Ok, in case you wind up in a case where you need to change magazines and you have a spare, loaded magazine with you that would be a bummer) It always worked when I did it so I think it’s more a deal with style as opposed to functionality.

So, how does it feel?

One word: awesome!

It doesn’t have as much muzzle-flip as I would have thought in a gun as small as it is. I know from other reviews it’s great in that regard, but I’m still surprised by it. It’s more of a push than a flip.

The accuracy is pretty good as well. On my second magazine I was able to put together a 2″ group at around 25′. I don’t think it was the gun that was limiting me though.

The trigger was very reminiscent of a good double-action revolver pull. No problems there.

The recoil, like I said, was very controllable. Rapid fire with the last four shots I took wasn’t a problem at all.

Accuracy was great.

I’m impressed!

Tomorrow, I’ll go over the inner workings of how this thing works. (No, not a complete teardown… just a strip and details of how it works. Sorry… I don’t have the armorers’ manual)