I went to the range with a friend of mine yesterday and like every other time I’m picking up brass for reloading the next time.

When I got home I started sorting the brass. I found a few live rounds in the mix. Most of them .45 ACP.

This is what a .45 should look like.

Then I found a few more…

Just look at the bullet setback! This is dangerous.

These are all factory loads.

All have the same headstamp and none show any ejector marks.

A bullet that’s that set back will drive pressure through the roof.

Again, this is factory ammo.

This lack of neck tension can blow up a gun and hurt or even kill you. Bullet setback is nothing to laugh at. Bullet setback reduces the case volume that contains the powder. The smaller space will contain the burning powder to a smaller space. Pressure feeds on itself; the higher the pressure, the higher the burn rate, which increases the pressure further.

Take a look at the graphs from a bit more than a year ago that I posted. This contains the predictions from QuickLoad about the relation from overall length to pressure. It goes up fast!

My own ammo… well it doesn’t seem to do that!