I had a Zagg keyboard for my original iPad and I wanted one for my new (third-generation) one. The original keyboard was integrated into a case for the iPad. This was both good and bad.

It was good since the face of the iPad was always protected when not in use. The bad was that you couldn’t just pull out and use the iPad without peeling the case off the iPad, and then you had to put the iPad-sized case somewhere in case you didn’t want to do a lot of typing. Another downside is that the spacebar was somewhat shielded by the side of the case so every once in a while I would miss hitting it.

This time I got another Zagg keyboard: the Zagg Flex. I got it because I wanted the smart cover for the iPad to work — which would preclude a case-type keyboard. I wanted the smart cover so I could use the iPad more to surf than just work.

So far this keyboard is working pretty well. The key pitch is just about the same as the old one. Another advantage is that it’s really rather light. The old one was a chunk of aluminum with an embedded keyboard. Honestly, the old one is as tough as nails. (I ran it over with my motorcycle by accident once) With the durability comes some weight. This keyboard is a lot lighter.

So, how light? With the case that doubles as a stand it weighs in at 328g. Without the stand it’s only 184g. Do I need the case? I’m not sure at the moment… The smart cover doubles as a stand as well… I’m going to try to keep it around to see how much bulk it really adds.

Mostly I’m looking to the future trips we’re planning for the motorcycle. Both weight and bulk are important in that regard.

i’ll revisit this in a few weeks after I’ve used it a bit to see how this combo works out.