I ride on the bike downstairs. I listen to podcasts a bunch… but I also have an iPad. It would be cool to watch some Netflix or Hulu down there.

So I have to fashion a rig to hold it.

I had an idea so I went to Home Depot to pick up some raw materials. I got a sheet of thin steel, some aluminum angle stock, aluminum bar stock and a clamp.

My idea is to clamp the bar stock to the water bottle holder. The bar stock will provide a good holder for the sheet steel. The angle stock serves two purposes: 1) stiffening the plate, 2) a shelf for the iPad (or whatever) to sit on.

First — I’m making up a template.

The bracing will be on the underside:

Where the brace and the shelf intersect I plan on shooting a bolt through that junction to both hold the shelf in place as well as to stiffen the entire structure. In addition I’ll epoxy the brace to the bottom. Why no bolt? Because I want the top of the stand to not have any sharp edges to mar the finish of anything that might be placed on it.

Next week: building!

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