A few days ago I watched a video by Katy Perry titled “Part of Me.” I was impressed.

Now I’m seeing some blowback about it. Glorifying the military, etc.

Here’s what I think of it. The military is an honorable institution. Sure, some decisions that are made by the brass might have been made better, but the rank and file are doing their job. They serve to defend us and our rights as Americans. (again, the brass might botch decisions, but the boots on the ground are honorable none the less as long as they are doing what they are supposed to.)

What’s the problem with women in the service? They are already woefully underrepresented. The notion that girls shouldn’t be in the armed forces– especially by feminists — just strikes me as absurd. The act of limiting what someone can do simply based on their gender is exactly what the feminist movement is fighting, no?

Just because you don’t approve, doesn’t mean it’s bad as a rule.