Well, I suppose it’s kinda official now. It’s more out in the open. (For the person who happens to read this before your official notice… well, I guess you should be more surprised than you will be)

Ennie and I are moving to Seattle.

I wasn’t looking for a job. A job found me.

I can’t say no to a company like Amazon.

I’ve been cryptic online for a week or so. This was two-fold: Not wanting to count any chickens before hatching and not being sure I wanted chicken in the first place.

It’s scary. I’m afraid. Change is hard.

I also look at Seattle like an adventure. It’s something new; something else to conquer.

I’m here for at least another month or so tying up all sorts of loose ends. It’ll be a long, hard, and exciting month. If you know me you know I don’t much relish exciting. It builds character.