Back in October I wrote about moving. That time it was about my brother moving out to Thousand Oaks, CA.

Now I’m really and truly confronted my that. Not the possibility of moving, but actually rubber meeting road moving.

When QuinStreet acquired I had the possibility of moving. It was a real possibility, but the way things played out it never happened. I spent a bunch of time out there, and a lot of time thinking about it, but I remained firmly planted here in Cleveland.

The past few weeks were “interesting.” As in the curse, “may you live in interesting times.

Three weeks ago I was convinced that I’d be in Cleveland for the long haul. The thought of moving was not in my mind. I wasn’t looking for alternate employment. I was starting to get more involved in the local scene.

Everything was simple.

Forward to now and nothing seems simple.

I have two weeks of packing being my second job. After that I have two weeks where packing and moving are my first job.

Then — as a final reward — I need a week off. A week in Seattle to acclimate. To get ready. To start being me again.

Then, tentatively, on May 14th I start off a new chapter.

– = –

Now, I’m making lists… Remove hot tub. Cover over the hole in the deck left by hot tub. Throw out more magazines. Organize the reloading supplies. Likely sell the small motorcycle. Call the realtor. Arrange the house hunting trip. Figure out the temporary corporate housing. Utilities on both sides. Think about moving the kitties. Take down the antenna. Move guns and reloading supplies. Say good byes. Say hellos.

Doesn’t even scratch the surface.

– = –

People move all the time.

This is a solved problem.

I need to just make it work. This isn’t — or at least shouldn’t — be the end of the world. This is something that happens all the time. Amazon has a relocation department to make this happen. This should be easy.

Well, maybe not easy… but do-able.

– = –