After En’s uncle Bill passed away last month she went over to his house. He lived in his parents’ house, En’s grandparents’ house. Of course her grandpa was Vic Bambeck, W8DFL.

Bill gave her the bulk of the QSL cards that were stored in a shoebox, but on her trip over she found some postcard holders with more cards in them. This is going to be a mini series of the cards in the four postcard sleeves.

Oddly, the first card I’m posting isn’t even a card.

Here’s Vic and his wife in Geneva Switzerland. W8DFL is the guest operator for 4U1ITU. This is the ITU — the International Telecommunication Union. (It’s UN agency for all things communication!) The ITU is the world governing body for all things on the air. 4U1ITU is the amateur radio ration that they run.

So moving from one side of that conversation to the other…


Here’s someone he talked to — in Hyderabad, India. From Parma, to Geneva, to India. :-)

So, another non-card. I was less than one years old at the time. This was Vic’s shack in the basement of that Parma house. Big gear. All that can be squeezed into less than two cubic feet now (and that’ll get you a legal limit amplifier to boot!).

C21TL QSL CardNauru? Chalk this up as a learning experience!

Nauru is a tiny pin-prick of an island in the Pacific. All told it’s less that 9 square miles in size. Solon, where I’m based at the moment, is more that twice as big.

The card doesn’t seem like it’s from an expedition… perhaps Ken was just there mining the phosphate that the island was… ?

The last one for today is another place I’ve not heard of:


Here we’re talking about Aldabra Island. Here’s an empty island in the Indian Ocean. Other than researchers this little atol isn’t populated at all.

So… this was likely an expedition since it’s in the middle of nowhere. The even cooler aspect is that Harry seems to be from Mombasa, Kenya. (!)

Ahhh… internationalism.

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3V8BZ     Tunesia Ez Zahra   Oct 2, 1967 20 SSB  
4U1ITU   4U1ITU-P1 Switzerland Geneva         Photo of Vic working 4U1IT
4U1ITU   4U1ITU-P2 Switzerland Geneva         Photo of Vic working 4U1IT
4U1ITU   4U1ITU-2 Switzerland Geneva         Blank
4U1ITU   4U1ITU-3 Switzerland Geneva   Apr 24, 1971 15 SSB  
4U1ITU   4U1ITU-4 Switzerland Geneva   May 17, 1967 20 SSB Smackdown!
6W8FP     Senegal Daker   Mar 7, 1976 15 SSB  
C21TL     Nauru     May 19, 1972 20 SSB  
ET3USA     Ethiopia     Jan 16, 1973 15 SSB  
F6CYL   F6CYL-2 France Louveciennes 78430 Sep 28, 1976 20 SSB  
F8RU     France Ferney-Voltaire   Jun 20, 1972     Eyeball!
HB0XSB DJ8KB   Liechtenstein     Oct 8, 1970 20 SSB  
JX2FL LA4YF   Jan Mayen     Aug 4, 1974 20 SSB DXpedition, Funny
KC4AAD   KC4AAD-2 Antarctica Byrd VLF Substation   Sep 3, 1970 15 SSB  
KC4USN     Antarctica South Pole   Feb 7, 1970 20 SSB  
M1D     San Marino San Marino   Sep 19, 1970 15 SSB  
TI9AM TI2PI TI9AM-2 Coco’s Island     Apr 12, 1960 10 Fone DXpedition
UR2KAA     Estonia Tallinn   Jun 13, 1969 20 SSB  
VE8MD     Canada High Arctic   Jul 21, 1972 15 Fone  
VQ9HCS     Aldabra Island     Dec 26, 1972 15 SSB  
VU2HLU     India Hyderabad   Jun 20, 1972 15 SSB  
W8DFL DM3OML W8DFL-3       Mar 31, 1971 20 SSB Unsent to Germany
W8DFL   W8DFL-Shack USA Parma, OH   Dec 1, 1973     Photo of ham shack
ZS50A     South Africa Margate   Oct 4, 1973 15 Fone