I had an interesting chat with a friend of mine today. It started with a “I’m paying your future salary!”

I started to really think though. Amazon, like Google, know a lot about me. Amazon probably knows more about me than Google in the end. Google is a bunch of ephemera. Amazon is me actually spending money.

I’ve been funding my salary for more than a decade now.

I wonder if, when they were hiring me, they went through my purchase history… what would they think? That database has a truer profile of me than just about anything else on earth.

I’ve bought things from tools to toys. Some things might be classified as either. Or both.

TVs. Saws. “Personal products.” Supplements. Cookbooks. Books on carpentry. Books on tying knots. Books beyond all that.

Because that’s who I am.

What makes me happy is that Amazon has some interesting employee groups. The fact that I’m different makes me good. The fact that I’m different is an asset, not something to shy away from.

It makes me excited to work there.