Compersion is mostly defined as the opposite of jealous. It’s the feeling one gets when someone you love feels joy.

It’s also somewhat the opposite of envy.

Jealously is the fear that one might lose what one already has. Envy is the want of what someone else has. The two are related.

Compersion, by most accounts, is the feeling of joy when a lover or ex-lover feels joy in whatever way at all.

In some ways, if I cause joy, then all’s cool, right? If someone else does, well, then what do I benefit from that?

Shouldn’t I either feel envious of the person that caused joy? Or perhaps jealous that I might lose my friend or lover?

– = –

While jealousy and envy are related, I don’t think that there can be one opposite of them. That is if compersion is the opposite of both, then jealousy and envy would the equal, which is not the case.

– = –

I think this is the start of a longer journey for me… figuring out what this all is; what this means to me.