Yeah. I have to apologize about breaking form and not having good posts lately. The rapidity that this move has is blowing my mind.

Normally, when you’re moving, you have time to prep both mentally and house-wise. In this case we had neither.

The deck is complete.

The basement looks non-crappy.

The office is packable.

The guest room and bedroom are presentable.

I’m getting a hitch installed on my car tomorrow and the trailer (tiny trailer actually) is reserved to be picked up on Friday. (Nearly forgot to reserve a trailer! That would have been a fail!)

Good thing too. Someone is going to look at our house on Thursday. (!) It’s not even really on the market yet.

Loan pre-approval process started… since we might make an offer on a house later this week.

– = –

If you think that this post looks fragmented, well, it is. That’s how my brain looks too.