It was odd leaving Solon for the last time. This waste last time that I’m pulling out of my home in Ohio.

It is more than strange.

The four sleepless hours of “sleep” didn’t help change the surreal atmosphere.

The car and trailer were packed the night before. I woke up earlier than expected when Ennie got up to continue cleaning. Not knowing how the car/trailer combo was keeping me up. I had originally wanted to start my trip around 9 in the morning just after morning rush hour, but looking at the clock showing 6 changed my mind.

A bit after 7 I pulled out of the driveway for the last time.

Traffic outside Cleveland wasn’t bad at all. The first issue I ran into was a torrential downpour and thunderstorm south of Toledo. Visibility was cut to no more than 50 feet. Traffic , which would be normally slowing at 75-80 mph on I-80 was going 30.

Thankfully that passed. It was only really bad for around 10 minutes.

Somewhere in Indiana I saw an odd convoy.

Normally an oversize truck just has markings staying oversized. If it’s even bigger you’ll have a tender truck up front. Bigger still would have a tender behind it.

This truck was hauling something big. On the back of the flatbed was was a nondescript cube covered in black fabric. It was perhaps 30-feet on a side.

That wasn’t the intestine thing though.

Behind the front tender truck were three police cars lights flashing. Another three were behind the cube.

Whoever sent that cube down the road didn’t want anyone fucking with it.

Nuclear? Aliens? Prisoners? Who knows?

Chicago was the standard hassle with toll booths every 30 yards. Mix in a traffic jam at noon and you get the whole experience.

One past that it was smooth sailing past Menomonie (yeah, go ahead and say it) all the was to a suburb of Minneapolis.