I’ve had a fetish for making sure that I’ve posted something to the blog every day. Every day, up until this point has been demarcated by the passage of midnight eastern local time. Whenever I was on the west coast this caused me great consternation since I had to get my post done by 9 PM instead of midnight.

(Ok, you’re allowed to call it a touch OCD if you want)

This is now different. (Not the OCD part though)

The blog is now on pacific time: GMT-8 (or GMT-7 for daylight time).

Mind you, this post satisfies the requirements of either time zone.  :-P

– = –

Needless to say, I’m in Washington state as I’m writing this. I’m around three hours outside of Seattle.

Here’s the plan:

  • 10:00 – Check in and load the storage locker
  • 12:00 – Drop off trailer
  • 1:00 – Check into apartment and unload my car into that
  • 3:30 – Storage again to get some stuff I want with me
  • 4:30 – Back at apartment to re-unload my car
  • 7:30 9:00 – Leave for airport
Reunited at last!