This is mostly a meta post in a way.

Where I started with this was setting up an EC2 micro instance to run the blog. Things work awesome 99% of the time.

So, what of the 1%?

Well, the thing with the micro instance is that it’s fast in short spurts. If there’s a sustained load then you wind up with the system “stealing” time from you.

The point of the micro instance is that you’re on an over-provisioned host. It has enough CPU to run low-load systems all day long. But if something gets hot, it slows down dramatically.

Today I moved up to a small instance.

This, while it doesn’t have the peak performance that the micro instance has, it has two huge advantages. It has around 3x the memory and the CPU is guaranteed.

Both of these work in concert to make things better. You get caching and no big slowdown in case of load!

Let’s see how this works out. I’ll report back as I get more data.