We’re watching Deadliest Catch on the Roku and got some good advice.

Let me take a step back. First off, let me say that the Roku is saving the day. One of the things I brought with me in the car was the Roku and a pile of cables. The apartment has a pair of LCD TVs. Thankfully they have HDMI inputs to match the HDMI cable I have with me. And I brought my own router so I don’t have do deal with the crappy one that came with the apartment.

So, that being said, we’re watching season three of Deadliest Catch and got some good advice from one captain to another:

Don’t be desperate; Don’t be greedy

I’ve been there — not on a crab boat mind you — but on a motorcycle and in business.

And it’s not always about money. It can be time, or distance… or even just pride.

It’s good advice.

When you’re making a decision, it’s something to think about. What is your state of mind. Only you know it.

Know what you’re after and know what risks you are taking.