Over the weekend we did a counter-clockwise circumnavigation of Mt. Rainier.

It wasn’t an awesome day to go up, but we needed to get out of the apartment.

Up at Paradise we saw kids sledding down the hill. In June. In June. Yeah. June.

Walking around the visitor center we found a flitty little friend. We didn’t know who or what he was. But that didn’t stop me from taking pictures.

I uploaded all the pictures.

But here’s the one that takes the cake:

200mm (cropped after exposure), 1/400 @ f4.0

He flitted to and fro. Thankfully I brought along an long enough lens (oh… what I could’ve done with a 400mm/f4… sigh. A boy can dream)

When you look at a picture in National Geographic (no, I’m not saying this belongs in that category) I want you to think of the pictures that didn’t make it.

All I did with the picture above was crop the raw exposure. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a crop.

Now if only he alighted on a branch…

Here’s the rest of the flotilla:

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