I had an interesting couple days at work and came to a conclusion about frustration.

Now, mind you, this isn’t something of a pro or con against Amazon. In every place I’ve worked I’ve had good days and bad days. The bad days, for me at least, are the ones that you go in looking to get something done, work all day, then at the end of it you find yourself at the same point as when you started — except more tired. (Ok, I suppose the outcome of such a day is knowing what doesn’t work)

The result is frustration. Frustration that comes from not being able to do something.

That’s not the realization. Everyone has frustrating days. You can’t really do anything about that, nor is it a sign of failure or weakness.

One of my co-workers turned from his desk and asked me a question.

That’s when it hit me. Me shoveling my frustration onto him wasn’t going to do neither him nor me any good.

Sure, this is obvious. Harder in practice.

But it’s a lot harder living it and keeping the frustration back at your desk when you get up — smile and just move on when you’re dealing with someone else. Don’t worry, the frustration will be there waiting back at your desk anyway.

Leave it there and don’t spread it around.