Quick post today… Rafting!

Rafting is what we did today! Team building!

I drove over to Index, WA with a couple of co-workers in tow. Thing that comes to mind: Frickin’ Pretty Drive!

We voted if we wanted to do the “easy” ride or the “hard” ride. All but one wanted the hard one.

Sitting around the TV we watched the safety video.

We voted again to see if anyone wanted to do easy after watching what could go wrong. The count doubled to two. 59 to 2. We were doing the hard ride.

We donned our swimsuits, then went on to wetsuits, booties, splash jacket, personal floatation device and helmet.

Hitting the river we realized this is real. The water is all melt-water from the the snow in the mountains. It’s cold.

The river was running particularly high as well. Lots of water moving fast.

It made for some good rapids.

I’m sure I’ll get some pictures that were taken of us.

While some folks “took a swim,” no one from our boat went into the water.

Suffice to say, we had an awesome time!