This will have to be quick. I’m tired.

Our crap is in the house.

Things are a bit worse for wear. A bunch of stuff now has added scratches on it… we’re also suffering from the curse of trying to put a big house into a smaller house.

And a queen size box spring that won’t fit up the stairs… <sigh/> We went and got a split box spring. We got the mattress to go with it since our was a dozen years old already. Until then: futon.

The stage of “lots of boxes, shelves not yet in place” is an annoying one.

We have the internet working through Comcast. Very trouble-free transaction. Fast internet. All’s well!

The TV, on the other hand, is still in its crate. The thing is that both of sensors are tripped — the tip sensor and the shock sensor.

Hopefully the special third-party un-crater will show up tomorrow and he’ll set it up and see if it still works.  :-/

Tomorrow: more unboxing for En. Then on Saturday we get a storage locker to move away the boxes we don’t need right now; things like Christmas decorations.