En and I made some great head-way today in the quest against the ravaging hoards of the boxes. Another 25-30 boxes met their final fate today.

When the unpackers were unpacking the trucks into our house one of them made a comment to his buddy in Spanish thinking that we wouldn’t understand.

“Stupid. Ridiculous.”

Well, with all the boxes we’ve unpacked, we’ve only really found a couple cubic feet of stuff we really don’t know what to do with. Sure, we have stuff that we’re going to Craig’s List away, but much of that came from not knowing what type of house we’d wind up having and not having time to get rid of them in Solon.

But the vast majority of our stuff is finding its way onto shelves and other good places to put them. The contents are slowly finding their way home.

As the boxes go away both of us are getting even happier about the house; both of us are realizing that we made a pretty damn good decision.  :-)