It’s been another grind of a day unpacking. We need to get ready for the mattress and, more importantly, the box spring tomorrow so we need to make sure there’s a clear path to the bedroom.

I’ve to got say, I’m looking forward to sleeping in a good bed for the first time in almost two months. Strangely, the futon is more comfortable than the bed we had at the apartment. I think it made me nothing but achy.

Another milestone: the TV is up and running. Thankfully the crating company did their job well and the abuse of the movers did not take a toll on this guy. The rest of the important stuff is up and running as well: the TiVo, Blu-Ray and Roku are hooked up and working.

At this point I think we’re at around 30% set with the house. The first floor is mostly done as is the second floor. We’ve not really touched the basement yet… it’s a source of dread.

At this point I’m somewhat looking forward to tomorrow and a nice easy day on the job.  :-)