When we first got here to Seattle and were chillin’ in the apartment we started to lean heavily on Netflix. The Roku was our savior at the apartment since we didn’t have a DVR and we weren’t about to watch commercials.

On a whim we started to watch The Deadliest Catch.

We always made fun of the show when we were in Cleveland. “What the hell? A show about fishing? WTF?”

Not so much.

It was àpropos that we started to watch the show in Seattle since most of the fleet’s home port is right here in Seattle.

– = –

At this point we’re almost caught up with what’s on Netflix.

– = –

It’s a lot more than what we expected. It turns out that there’s a lot more that has to go on to catch crab than I would have ever imagined. The guys that are on there every year are way more hard-core than I will ever be.

I’m impressed with all that.

– = –

Ever time we watch it we think of Erik and the all-you-can-eat crab legs.