Today president Obama’s fundraising trip to Seattle jibbered up traffic here. Now, I’m not anti Obama by any stretch, but at the same time I’m anti screwing up traffic during rush hour for a major city.

The route he took was up from Boeing Field, up I-5, then across the 520 bridge to Bellevue for something or other fundraising. He landed at 5-PM and departed from there.

The question I have is how much money was spent by the city of Seattle to arrange this? How many people spent time in their cars or busses (<– me) dealing with the messed up traffic pattern?

How much money did he raise?

Wouldn’t it have been simpler and cheaper to just have Seattle send him a check and move on? In the end it would likely be better for me on two fronts:

  1. I don’t get in the screwy traffic.
  2. Greater Seattle probably represents my views more than the few folks writing checks.

Sounds like a win to me, eh?