Tomorrow, allegedly, the moving company will pick up the debris from us unpacking.

We are down to around four boxes that we’ve not unpacked yet. The rest are either collapsed in the back yard or storage. (Ok, some boxes are staged to go to storage but we’ve not carted them over yet)

This has been epic.

Most people I’ve talked to say it took them many months, or even years to unpack after a move.

Having a deadline has been both maddening and motivating at the same time. The archetype of the double-edged sword as it were.

At this point we’re just about ready to go into organization mode. Things like bookcases need to be shelved better than the kinda random order we have things in. The workshop needs to get fully put together… But it’s things that are really doable… And we want to do them — and it’s not just because they are “good for you.”