A bunch of stuff got damaged in the move from Cleveland to Seattle. (like most wooden things now have some prominent and visible scratches due to mis-handling by the movers)

I guess this is about things that are lost — both physical and otherwise.

The obvious include things that were in Cleveland and packed in the truck and are not here. A good example are a couple of pieces for my workbenches in the basement. Thankfully, while lost, it’s relatively cheap. For $70 I was able to get another one. Sucks, but well, you get over it. Another thing is the corncob media I tumble brass in — it’s just not here. Nor is a shelf for my desk upstairs.

These all wind up in the annoying category.

Then there’s things we had in Cleveland that we don’t have here. We had a garage in Cleveland and here we don’t. We have a parking spot that’s on an easement on the neighbor’s lot and otherwise we park on the street. The yard we’re on is just about precisely 10% of the size of the one we had in Solon. That’s good and bad at the same time though.

Then there are the people and places both of us miss.

We can make new friends out here (and we’re in the process of doing just that), but at the same time you can’t, nor should you try to, replace the friends and family back “home.”

Like the previous thing: good and bad. Bad because of the distance. Good because you can find more people to like. Too much is better than not enough.