A few years back — around the time of Avatar — I wrote about 3D movies.

 …time passes…

About half a year ago I go and get a 3D-capable TV. I verify that the 3D does in fact work and promptly the glasses start to live under the set.

Then we watched the abortion that was NBC’s coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony.

Cut to hell.

With stupid commentary.

I didn’t even get to see Hungary march. Booo!!!

Over the weekend I managed to snag a copy of the BBC broadcast of the ceremony.

In 3D!

Putting on the polarizer glasses we were flying over London. It was extra cool since we had been there in 1999 on our honeymoon so we had a sense of what all this looks like for real.

I have to say that without having the kitschy effects that the movie had, the 3D did add something to the overall presentation. Maybe it was that or perhaps it was the fact that the commentary wasn’t lowest common denominator drivel.

Either way, we watched the opening again last weekend and I have to say I enjoyed it.

I’m not sure I’d want to watch everything in 3D though. I get enough for the most part in real life.

Go figure.