I’ve been using a Mac at work and I’m trying an experiment: try to use Apple-provided tools wherever possible.

This all started a bit after I started. My computer is a MacBook Pro; at the time it had 4GB of memory. I was using Google Chrome and I realize that things were slowing down. I looked at Activity Monitor and took a look.

My memory was clogged with a bunch of 50-100MB processes: all Chrome. Every tab. Every extension. I killed it and I freed up well over a GB. I repeated this activity for a few days with ever-increasing frustration.

I remember when it was 5MB a tab.  <sigh/>

I moved over to Firefox. Except it didn’t open PDFs and it also slowed down.

I tried Opera for a few days up until I realized that things were just plain strange in its network stack.

A week later I fired up Safari. I had never really liked it before.

Suddenly I wasn’t pissed.

Last week I tried to replace Outlook with Mail and iCal. It works. Let me tell you it works well.

Then iChat.

– = –

Before one of interns left last week he went on and on about how he’s an anti-Apple fan-boy.

Right now I’m all about drinking the Kool-Aid. It tastes good.