When I first got to Amazon I would always find some cool art in the elevators of my building, Day 1 South.

Now, I’ll grant that there was always some douchebag that erased the eyes, but the art was always cool. It varied between comic book art to anime to video games.

It was cool to go in to see what I would find.

Eventually, I found up that the artist was the girl working security by the elevators. I guess it was something to do on the breaks.

Then one day I see this:


Unfortunately there’s not a thing at remmyart.blogspot.com.

– = –

 Even though it’s a small thing, it’s something that I got attached to. The community art was cool. Now I miss it.

I took this picture two weeks ago. The message is still up. I think I’m not the only person who misses her.

– = –

A Haiku:

For the good of all
More elevator decor
If only I drew