I’ve had a subscription to Rhapsody for a long while and, for a shorter while, a subscription to Pandora. Amazon came out with their Amazon Cloud Player thingy as well. (Not shilling… I beta tested it with less than stellar results) Finally there’s Spotify.

So many choices.

Pandora, for a great long while held the appeal with good stations that worked to my taste.

Rhapsody, for when you wanted to listen to a particular song.

Amazon, to get all your songs wherever.

iTunes, for buying more songs… (Or illicit Russian sites if you tend to be not as legal…)

Now Spotify.

I think Spotify will take over them all. Good enough price (for premium) and does what the others do — all in one package.

I’m still in the evaluation stage though… I’ll report back when I know more.

– = –

Teaser: I’ll let you know how well Sonos works with it as well…