I was randomly going to Amazon last week; I don’t really know why I was going there.

One of the features of the home page is various marketing stuff… one caught my eye.

– = –

Ever since I joined Amazon I gave up carrying my Leatherman tool
on my belt. It’s against the rules to have a knife at work. I’m sure I can justify it enough not to get my sorry ass fired. But why the hell should ever go there?

So I need some simple tools with me. If nothing else than to open a bottle.

– = –

So I ordered the Gerber Shard keychain tool. The nice thing is that they claim that this is not against the TSA rules, so I can even travel with this thing without me getting shot by airport security.

I have to say that it seems to get the job done in a small space. They claim seven tools; some are a stretch.

Here’s what I see in order of importance:

  1. Bottle opener
  2. Philips driver
  3. Small and…
  4. Bit slotted drivers
  5. A pry-bar
  6. Janky wire strippers

They count a lanyard hole in addition. If anything what this adds is less weight.

Not bad for less that $7.

I was about to throw away the packaging and noticed an extra logo: Fiskars. Like I said when I got the mower, I’m a Fiskars fan. I’ve never been let down by them. Color me surprised though… though I suppose it’s two brands that I trust getting together.