I didn’t watch the keynote, but I read essentially the transcript of the announcement of the new iPhone.

It’s interesting that, with all the leaks, this is exactly a “meets expectations” release for the iPhone. It might be better this way since the stock doesn’t take as much of a beating after the phone doesn’t do everything that some dufus blogger wrote; no, it doesn’t levitate nor does it do your laundry. The leaks were dead on.

I think this is a good forward step from the last iteration of the iPhone. Does it really break new ground? No, not really. But it is a solid step up in terms of form factor and compute power. It’s thinner and lighter and the battery (allegedly) lasts longer. It also has LTE if you can use that wherever you happen to live. The bigger screen is a welcome touch as well.

Is it worth the upgrade?

I think I’ll pick one up so I can do the hand-me-down-upgrade for En. We’re on a one new phone a year plan for the two of us. It’s been working well for the past three or four years — a predictable outlay of cash and we keep up to date.

If I didn’t have a line we could upgrade would I do it? Honestly I’m not sure. I don’t really feel that the 4S is holding me back too much.