After a long break, the QSL cards are back for their penultimate edition. These are still the the stash that was found in Bill’s house in the basement. They were all in postcard holders that each held around 20 cards and could be pinned to the wall.

This set reads like a travelogue of En’s grandparent’s trip to Canada.

I’ll start off with the legal stuff:

Ahh yes, the license that give’s Vic the privilege to use the Canadian frequencies. It doesn’t say when it was issued, but it expires just after the trip seemed to end.

Now that we can transmit…


Parrots in Canada?! What’ll those crazy Canucks think of next?  :-P  It seems that this was just before they left for their journey up north.

I feel odd cavalierly posting phone numbers. I feel less odd since they are nearly 40 years old.  :-O


It’s cool how it seems that only Vic seems to be having fun in the picture! I’m guessing that moments later this was exchanged:


Pulling it a bit more full circle… remember that call: VE1LG… here’s one from before the trip:


It really does seem like a small world — even back then.

Here’s one from the way back home:

The interesting thing is being “to (sic) close for radio.” If you’re closer than one hop off the ionosphere then the signals can bounce anywhere except where you are.

– = –

I’ll finish with a couple of OLD ones.



I guess there was a opening that night!  :-D

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VE-License Canada Sep 3, 1967 License
VE-PostCard1 Peggy’s Cove
VE-PostCard2 Peggy’s Cove
VE-PostCard3 Petit de Grat
VE-PostCard4 Peggy’s Cove
VE-PostCardJoni Postcard home
VE1AFD Canada Halifax, NS Aug 3, 1960 10 ?
VE1AG Canada Musquodoboit Harbour, NS Jan 8, 1933 20 CW
VE1AQY Canada Dartmouth, NS Sep 6, 1967 20 SSB
VE1AQZ Canada Charlottetown, PE Sep 4, 1967 Eyeball
VE1ARA Canada Charlottetown, PE Sep 4, 2012 Eyeball
VE1ATF Canada Dartmouth, NS Aug 24, 1967 20 SSB
VE1DQ Canada Halifax, NS Jan 8, 1933 80 AM
VE1DR VE1DR-2 Canada Bear River, NS Nov 17, 1962 10 Fone
VE1GK Canada Truro, NS Oct 6, 1967 20 Fone
VE1IC Canada Nova Scotia May 19, 1968 20 SSB
VE1LG VE1LG-1 Canada Middleton, NS Sep 9, 1967 Photo
VE1LG VE1LG-2 Canada Middleton, NS Sep 9, 1967 Eyeball
VE1NZ Canada Truro, NS Blank with phone number
VE1RD Canada Amherst, NS May 16, 1962 10 AM
VE1UN Canada Sand Beach Blank