It started so innocently today. The iPad was sitting on my desk at work streaming some background noise from Dave Jones from down under talking about some electronics kit.

I went and got some tea and returned to this:

It seems that the iPad fell off my desk and landed cord down on the carpeted floor. That was the result.

Thankfully, the iPad pulled through unscathed, but the cord was a bit worse for wear. You can tell this is an old cord. The cutout on the sides is from when this was a locking connector. This was likely from some old and decommissioned iPod from days of yore.

It was all still connected and I had to work to get the latches undone. It still worked just just fine, though a bit janky.

All is not lost however. I get to post some pretty pictures of the destruction to compare to the new goodness of the Lightning connector (ok, goodness might be debatable).

Simple as simple can be. Wires go from the USB plug on one end to the connector unmolested.

Unsurprisingly the braided shield gets grounded to the shell of the plug — continuing on to the metal on the top and bottom of the connector itself.

No chips in here!