A couple years ago I played around with a Drobo, and that set me off on my home storage journey.

Right now I have four drives spinning away in the closet connected to my iMac with FireWire. Each drive is in its own enclosure.

It works well enough, but it’s a bit temperamental; sometimes a powercycle takes a bit of fidgeting to bring everything back up and running.

So I don’t want to go down the Drobo path again, but having a single, managed, redundant storage system is still an appealing concept. Right now I’m looking at another four or five months before I would be looking to buy a new drive and a fifth enclosure for the closet.

Earlier this week I ran across a big writeup on Ars on a Synology drive. At this point I’m considering one. An eight-bay unit is really starting to tempt me. Of course it’s not a replacement for my backup scheme, but it would be nice to have a faster, and more available system…