We’ve had the Sonos system for almost a month now. I liked it when we first got it. Now I’m absolutely in love with it.

We’ve listened to more music since we’ve set things up in the past few weeks than we have in the years. It’s sad to think about that fact.

When we first met we were going to concerts every couple of weeks and listening to music at home and in the car. When we moved to Solon and the big, spread out house, we listened to less music at home. When our jobs became closer we listened less in the car — if at all. The concerts stopped to since we were further from the action and there wasn’t any real live music in Solon.

Music left our life.  :cry:

We had a friend of ours over for a few days and we realized that music was, indeed, required.

I ordered the Sonos the next week.

It’s easy to use. The sound from the pair of PLAY:5‘s is better than most systems I’ve heard in that price range (receiver + speakers). The pair of floating PLAY:3‘s certainly fill a room with sound more than well enough, much better than a good boom-box. They set up quickly, are easy to use, and sound good. While expensive, it’s a lot cheaper than what I would put together myself while sounding and working far better.

– = –

It took me a while to get over the fact that walking from one room to another the sound just stayed with me; you don’t need to crank the volume to fill a house, just have more speakers. At first it’s creepy, then it’s just the new normal.

– = –

Music in the shower. Music while reading. Music to fall asleep to. Music to play by. Music to work by.

Music is back to being ambient. Not as in the style, but rather permeating the environment.