I saw an interesting video a few days ago on YouTube. I think this meshes well with the appeals court overturning of DOMA (again).

It’s interesting using the right nouns for the right concepts.

Sex: The bits you were born with between your legs. This is the biological male-ness or female-ness that you have.

Gender: What you feel you are between your ears.

Orientation (physical): The gender or sex you want to get with between the sheets.

Orientation (romantic): The gender or sex you want to grow old with.

Sexual behavior: How you deal with other people in sexual situations.

Gender role: What society thinks you should do.

I think the video put it quite well: all exist in a continuum both in how you feel and how strongly you feel it.

Six dimensions, each with two axis.

12 degrees of freedom.

Oh my!

– = –

Humanity is so rich not because we are all the same, but because we are all different!