You may have noticed a bit of a dark feel to my writing lately. Lately in this case is maybe the past year or so. This isn’t coming from work or stuff like that. This is coming from me.

I still can’t get myself to really open up all the way here. Too many people read this and I’m not in the habit or trying to “cover my tracks” the next time I wind up looking for a job. As long as I’m in Seattle it might not be as much of a problem though. Heh.

Listening to podcasts from people who are more “out” just makes me jealous of them… (no, I’m not gay — nothing wrong with it, just not me) Jealous that I’m here and I can’t really do much about it without pulling other folks in/down with me.

Of course to even the uninitiated I’m telegraphing the general nature of things… but I guess that’s about as far as I’m going to go for now.