I was able to use CycleOps’ to convert one of my previous rides into a course. I just exported my old “normal” ride from Ascent (Awesome program BTW) to a .tcx file, imported and converted it to a workout. PowerAgent works just fine for that.

That part works fine.

BTW: The ride from my old house in Solon ti 306 and back felt dead nuts on. It’s creepy actually.

So I want to train on a different ride; I want to ride around Lake Washington.

I was able to find that ride on MapMyRide.com. Except when I downloaded the track as a GPX (or whatever for that matter) it lacked altitude info. I didn’t want a 48 mile flat — that’s not fun.

Besides, a GPX track couldn’t be converted to a workout…

First I tried to export in a variety of formats. No joy.

Next up: I downloaded a converter from this site. It claimed to have a feature to add altitude. Except it stank the place up. It could convert from a GPX to a TCX, but there was almost no elevation information.

Finally, I added GPS Visualizer to the mix.

Now I was able to go from a GPX w/o altitude… use GPS Visualizer to add elevation to that GPX… go through the TCX converter… Load into PowerAgent… convert to a workout… transfer to my device.


Maybe a bit roundabout, but it works!