This is just a gentle dig at my beloved employer, Amazon. Now I understand how the fulfillment centers work on a high-level basis so I know it’s actually hard to do it better… but…

Here is what I got in the mail (well, UPS to be truthful) today:

“No problem,” you might say.

Well, I know what’s in there since I ordered them a few days back. Via Amazon Prime (Love it!) so I got two-day shipping to boot. (Yes I do love it! I have no problem pimpin’ something that is actually worth it!)

I ordered a couple of fuses: 11A 1000Vand a 440mA 1000V. (More on what these go into in a few days. :-P ) These are a bit more than the glass fuses that you’re used to in normal household goods, these are high rupture capacity (HRC) fuses that are designed to hold in the power of blowing the fuse. They are more than a simple glass envelope, but are packed with sand as well to help dissipate extreme overload situations safely.

Yep: One order, two packages. All for around 2 or 3 cm^3 of stuff that I wanted.

And Mother Earth shed a tear.  :cry:  And I saved around $20!   8-)

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