A little while back I sat down and thought about my home network and what’s on it.

It’s hard to imagine how many IP addresses I have on at various times… Starting from the network and moving up:

  • Core network
    • Router (Apple Time Machine)
    • Upstairs base (Apple Airport Extreme)
    • 2x 8-port Gigabit switches
  • Sonos system
    • Sonos Connect
    • 2x Sonos Play:5 for the living room
    • 3x Sonos Play:3 around the rest of the house
    • Airport Express to stream music from it to the Sonos network
  • Office
    • iMac
    • HP laser printer
  • 5x Laptops/Netbooks of various vintages
  • 2x Little used PCs
  • Home
    • Nest thermostat
    • Fitbit scale
  • Entertainment
    • XBox
    • Wii
    • TiVo
    • TV
    • DVD Player
    • Receiver
    • Roku
  • 2x iPhone
  • 2x iPad

I count 33. All with IP addresses. Not all on at the same time mind you… but still. And then there’s some VMs running on some of these too…

(Ok, it seems excessive the number of computers I have. Most are over 3-4 years old, some are 7-10 years old… they are around in case I need to hard boot to Windows or DOS for some strange reason)

So, when will I need to have more than a class-C network for me? When things like a TV are on the network… when will the fridge be on too? What about the sink? I still need to get the energy monitor back online too…

It’s amazing how everything connects to the internet now. Everything comes with WiFi or an ethernet port. It’s ambient.

Mind: Blown.