I’m noticing more and more that as I’m moving through life I’m a series of contradictions.

  • I voted for Obama
  • I’m a life member of the NRA
  • I support the Human Rights Campaign (LGBT rights)
  • I get Field & Stream
  • I voted for marriage equality
  • I subscribe to Playboy (Good articles — really. If you want pictures use the internets.)
  • I subscribe to QST (Amateur Radio magazine from ARRL)
  • I support Habitat for Humanity (very Christian-y)
  • I forcefully removed myself from the Catholic Church

The researchers at the political parties say you can tell how a person votes based on magazine subscriptions… I think they can’t really tell with me.

For the most part I think that makes me a libertarian.

I’m of the opinion that as long as what I’m doing isn’t getting in the way of what you’re doing or my continued success — and the vice versa — things are OK.

I’ll delve into that last bit another day. There’s a lot to go into. :-)