The dreaded question: “So, what do you do?”

I had an interesting idea cross my path a while ago — write your own owner’s manual. I got this from Cunning Minx over at the Poly Weekly podcast. You can read her manual over here. (Warning: while there are no pictures, the text isn’t that safe for work)

I’m not one to talk about myself too much (despite the number of pixels spilled here on the blog) and I don’t have a good elevator pitch about myself queued up.

“So, what do you like?”

It forces a bit of introspection. What do I do? The moment of writing something down forces me taking ownership of it. It’s a bit of finality in a way. Sure people change over time, but knowing and understanding what I want and like.

“So, tell me about yourself?”

I’m not going to answer this here… maybe some other locales would be a better place for this.